Meet the band members of PeakFolk


Chris plays fiddle, lead guitar and accordion and also leads in the choice of music. On the web he is known as the 'Peakfiddler'. So if you want to dance to a less well known tune, he's the person to tell well in advance.

For booking enquiries, please call

Chris 07799745214

Alex is our guitar and synth player who brings his own compositions and arranging skills to the band.
Ste is our bass player who lays down a solid bass line to everything we play. His jazz style lends itself perfectly to our music.
Ever the showman, Terry is one of our very popular callers who can always be relied upon to have a fun evening himself.
Linda is an excellent caller and we are always delighted to work with her. She has a friendly and relaxed manner that makes everyone start to enjoy participating in the ceilidh experience, even if they are not sure what exactly to do.
Jamie is our highly talented drummer and percussionist. Jazz and hard rock rhythms are his speciality. We invite him to play for our larger bookings when requested.

On occasions, we may invite a substitute musician to play. Rest assured, all Peak Folk musicians play to the same high standard.

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